One CLICK makes a Difference-Vote for NEPAL and Vote for NEPALI!!!

Global Social venture Competition 2011
Vote for NEPAL and Vote for NEPALI!!!

Please Click “Like” to vote this VDO from Indhan and Support their concept!

Never believe that your vote – one single vote – doesn’t make a difference. It does. The Indhan concept was generated by Mr. Ashish Raj Pandey  and Bikendra Shamsher Thapa. Now they are competing on Global Social venture Competition 2011 for the Final round. Your single Click can make a difference.

The Idea:
Indhan Private Limited (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)
Indoor air pollution from solid fuel in developing countries causes millions of deaths each year, and generates an overall health burden five times larger than outdoor air pollution. Indhan’s goal is to install about 2,700 affordable biogas systems in rural Nepal during its first five years of operation. The systems employ simple technology and require inputs – animal manure and water – that are locally abundant. In addition to being commercially viable, the start-up will create other significant benefits, namely allowing poor households to economize on time and money spent on acquiring fuel and supplying an additional source of fertilizer.
Details can be:


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